[permaculture] Permaculture on Facebook

Robert Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Fri Jan 4 10:14:15 EST 2008

I've recently been playing around a bit with 
Facebook, and found that there are several 
Permaculture groups on Facebook, the largest with 
1111 members. 74 hits on a permaculture search 
total, including some localized groups.  I did 
searches for some of our more prominent 
permaculture personalities and didn't find any 
with Facebook pages.

I'd encourage folks to try Facebook as a way to 
"spread the word" about permaculture and network 
with others.  It's kind of a hoot too.

Any of our permaculture non-profits could register 
as "Causes", which would allow people to donate 
money.  www.facebook.com

Bob Waldrop
tadpole in training Barking Frogs Permaculture

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