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J Hobbs hobbsj at efn.org
Wed Jan 2 21:28:29 EST 2008


I drift in and out of this group when the posts 
go to list serve techie stuff -- disrespectful 
communications or extensive politicsŠ.

But I am really listening now-

Over the past several years, very similar 
exchanges have taken place-though this time there 
has been a quantum leap-CAPPED expletives to one 
of our members-I believe that is a firstŠ.

We are in the midst of exhibiting a species wide 
challengeŠ this time in communication-

What is the opportunity in this crisis?
As humans, we have the intellectual and emotion 
capacity to have unbridled respect for one 
another-within this respect is the Permaculture 
Ethic: Care for People-

How will we get down the 'sustainable' road when 
we are absorbed in such idiosyncratic 

I believe it was Che Guevara who said something like:
The Left have their firing squads in a circle...

Are we not all on the same side??  How much of 
our life energies' do we need to utilize to 
distract us from the true work of Caring for the 

I offer some simple guidelines for shifting toward positivism on this site:

o Clearly state intentions and or needs-
o Listen more and judge less
o And then get onto the next thing

A part of me would like to bolt from this 
list-not be supportive of discourteous 
actions--but then am I being like the rest of 
society running from what is uncomfortable-or 
stay and be part of the solution?

My partner, Jerome, has subscribed to a recently emerged group:
Perma-Psychology:   http://groups.google.com/group/perma-psychology?hl=en
He recommends this might be the place to bring 
inter-personal (Zone 00) topics for dialogue.

Let's see if we can evolve our tendency toward war and go for peace.

Wishing you a bountiful 2008,


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