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A more recent report with some good data on forests and related ecosystems can be found at:  


The New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has some of the most comprehensive data that I have found to date:


Hope this helps.


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Has anyone done the calculations to figure out how much un-built-upon
green surface we need to re-absorb all the carbon we've flung up out of
the bowels of the Underworld? And what kind of surface works best?
(forest, grasslands, crop-lands etc.?)

I just don't see stopping this planetary warming trend - I think we're
going to have to improvise, adapt, and overcome until the planet can do
Her clean-up-the-carbon housekeeping. But She's gonna need lots of
un-built-on surface to do that. The built environment is incapable of
sequestering carbon at the rate it needs to be sequestered.

Bottom line- if we don't stop the "growth & development & progress"
mafia - we're toast. We can't afford any more new built environment on
un-built-upon ground. Any.


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