[permaculture] carbon sequestration

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Thu Feb 28 12:57:02 EST 2008

J. Kolenovsky wrote:

> One thing that could be done that would make a
> difference would be to decrease world population.  Maybe weather will

This is a serious and well-intentioned question to put to the Catholic Church,
other Christian Churches, other denominations and to the pro life movement at large,
excluding any violent individuals or factions within them. They need to address this
issue and they need to tell the rest of us what they propose doing. The increase in
persons contracting AIDS and other highly infectuous sexually transmitted diseases
parallels open-ended population growth. It also impacts non-renewable resources worldwide
and puts greater demand on the global food supply.

> play a largely significant role in this. Lack of food would help too.
> Maybe certain males could be required to have vasectomies.

All forms of birth control, early abortion and voluntary sterilization of both sexes
and, I suppose, more gays, more people taking holy orders and more celibates mean less babies.

> I don't know what any solutions there are but if there are any DVD movie
> producers out there,  please produce for us a movie of what those times
> will be like in the future, get funding for it and get support to
> distribute the movie worldwide. It may get some's attention, it may
> scare some or it may force some to do nothing while we all go
> underground and re-form our survival huddles.  Guarantee you something
> needs to happen or something will happen.

Make sure you protect yourself, your family, your neighbors and your community unit.
Live frugally and efficiently, and recycle, waste not.

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