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Subject: [SANET-MG] Livestock Guard Animals
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From: Nature's Pace Sanctuary <herm.naturespace at EARTHLINK.NET>
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Well-trained hardworking dogs, donkeys, and llamas are an increasingly
popular and effective solution to livestock predation. Properly selected and
managed, these guardian animals protect sheep, goats, and other livestock
from wolves, bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and many smaller predators. Jan
Dohner's Livestock Guardians,   the complete guide to working with guardian
animals, (  HYPERLINK "http://www.back40books.com/item.asp?n=97815
HYPERLINK "http://www.back40books.com/item.asp?n=9781580176958&f=1"
http://www.back40books.com/item.asp?n=9781580176958&f=1 ) shows farmers how
to select the right breed for their needs, establish deep bonds between
guardian and livestock, and train guard animals to carry out their duties
reliably and effectively.  Dohner's practical advice will help anyone
successfully integrate a guard animal or animals into farm life for years of
inexpensive, non-lethal safety and security. This brand new book contains
lots of black & illustrations and photos and an insert of 18 pages of color
pictures. 8.5 X 11, 229 pages, paperback.    Credit cards and university
purchase orders are welcome.  For more information visit the website or call

Herman Beck-Chenoweth
Resilience Research Farm
Hartshorn Missouri 65479

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