[permaculture] Permacultures day ... without stinking permits?

Rael Bassan rael at ripco.com
Sat Feb 23 10:37:04 EST 2008

Could you explain about
 >> creating everything from gray water to composting toilets without 
stinking permits.

Did you get special zoning?

Your first project is a great design!!. If the canopy of the 
"Butterfly water catchment and garden" included a translucent PV 
layer, it could be called "Butterfly water/solar-power catchment and garden."


At 02:16 AM 2/23/2008, you wrote:
>Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 00:22:59 -0800 (PST)
>From: Raymond Cirirno <permaquest at yahoo.com>
>Subject: [permaculture] Permacultures day in LA
>Dear Permaculture heros,
>Today was a great day in LA county as permaculture was introduced at 
>Lawndale charter eco-school. I was just thrown into a class and had 
>to define it and tell the sudents how we will be creating 
>sustainable conditions on campus, but with fun and adventure. It was 
>so much fun with parents in the back of the room listening to this 
>new approach and how we'll be creating everything from  gray water 
>to composting toilets without stinking permits. This model will be 
>designed to keep the students on the property playing and learning 
>after school and even come back on weekends to play. Here's the first project.

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