[permaculture] effects of communications freuencies

SArjuna at aol.com SArjuna at aol.com
Fri Feb 22 20:42:39 EST 2008

     Lawrence posted info. about a BBC article on this subject.    I invite 
you to read the information piece Health Effects of Manmade Electromagnestic 
Radiation at my website www.LifeEnergies.com/.    It gives the reader a quick 
and accurate overview of what is known about this, and there are many links for 
those who wish to read futher.    For that, please see also the Resources 

     I am a natural wellness practitioner and became vitally interested in 
this subject several years ago when it turned out that my own strange 
life-threatening symptoms   (which $18,000 worth of medical tests could find no reason 
for) were caused by "dirty electricity."    The politics involved angered me so 
much that I became an educator/activist.

     Shivani Arjuna

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