[permaculture] PDC in Ethiopia with Tadewos tiranchie and Rosemary Morrow June 9th to 22nd 2008

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With:                       Rosemary Morrow and local facilitators
From:                           June 9th to 22nd 2008 (with  Sunday 14th off)
Times:                         8.00am to 12.00pm 
morning and 1pm – 5.00pm afternoon.

Where:                At the Strawberry Fields 
Eco-lodge in Karat Konso, Konso Wareda, Southern 
Nations State (SNNPRS), Ethiopia.

  What:                This is the 
internationally recognised 72 hour Permaculture 
Design Certificate which helps you to design your 
land, or another’s to high standards of sustainability.

  You will:              Meet, work and share 
experiences with community members, local 
officials and other foreign participants taking the course alongside you.

Visit local farms and gardens and talk to owners.
                        Visit local villages and community lands.
                        Complete 12 hours of practical work.

<mailto:alex1mcc at yahoo.com>alex1mcc at yahoo.com 
A course will also be given with Tadewos - 
attended IPC8 - at <mailto:tadyy2005 at yahoo.com>tadyy2005 at yahoo.com
or you can contact me at my email or phone  024782.7898.

Tadewos tiranchie
Mr. Tiranchie was born in Kambata in the southern 
part of Ethiopia and after high school completed 
his education and became the assistant principal 
for the Awassa Technical School for fifteen 
years. He then began his work with NGO field 
services working in the areas of Health, 
Education and the Environment and was a training 
officer and coordinator for integrated rural 
development services. He received his 
permaculture training in Brazil in 2003 with IPEC 
in Goias and IPEP in Rio Grande do Sul. He made a 
presentation of his work in Ethiopia at the 8th 
International Permaculture Conference www.ipc8.org  in Brasil in 2007.

Rosemary Morrow has taught permaculture for 
almost 20 years in Australia as well as in 
countries recovering from war, such as Vietnam, 
Cambodia and Afghanistan. She had qualifications 
in agriculture, horticulture, rural sociology and 
adult education. She lives in the Blue Mountains, NSW.
         For the past 14 years she has worked 
extensively in Cambodia, Vietnam, India, and 
Indonesia. Rosemary played a large part in 
establishing Permaculture paractices in Albania. 
She has recently worked in Afghanistan. Her 
dedication and service to farmers and villagers 
worldwide, as well as to people of war-torn 
nations is outstanding. Rosemary is author of 
'The Earth-User's Guide to Permaculture' as well 
as numerous other books. (Rosemary's full bio is 
very extensive. For more information about her go 
to 'www.google.com' and type in "Rosemary Morrow, 
Permaculture.") . Rosemary also made a 
presentation of her international work at 8th 
International Permaculture Conference and also 
taught at (OPA) Organization of Permaculture and 
Art in Salvador , Bahia, Brasil at the end of the IPC8 Tour of sites.

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