[permaculture] conservatism/food/references requested

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Mon Feb 18 19:57:05 EST 2008

John & Maia O'Brien wrote:

> Thanks for that, Toby. I would like to see the references.
> Do any come from Cuba's "special period" experience?
> BTW, I understand that after their initial "forced" introduction to
> non-petroleum-based agriculture, at this time they "only" grow ~80% of their
> food organically. They have supposedly also developed a reciprocal
> arrangement with Venezuela to supply their petrol, and they export "brains."
> (with 2% of the population of South America, they now have 11% of the
> trained scientists, including I would assume medical professionals).

Cuba also provides trained nurses and perhaps other medical personnel
to "at-risk", banished, etc. peoples around the world, for example in
a North African country. An ethnic group was forced out of a region in
a city on the coastal region of a north african country to live in
a harsh, desolate, barren desert region to fend for themselves.
Cuba provided them with a nurse.

This is why I think it is so important for the USA to maintain a hands-off
policy for Cuba while hopefully allowing travel, trade and critical exchange of basic
necessities and services.

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