[permaculture] Conservatism revisited (addendum)

rafter at liberationecology.org rafter at liberationecology.org
Sun Feb 17 23:30:54 EST 2008

Whoops - belatedly spotted a typo:

Sentence in question:
Check out  the Abolitionists, the Suffragettes, the labor movement  
AFL/CIO), the US civil rights movement, the Indian anti-colonial   
struggle, etc. etc.

Should read: "particularly pre-AFL/CIO"

Also, I want to re-iterate that I have very little doubt about  
Dieter's excellent intentions. While I feel angered by (what I see  
as) the implications of his closing paragraph, I don't imagine I know  
the beginning and end of his thinking. So - Dieter, sorry if my  
response is overblown. I think you and I probably share far more of  
our perspectives than not.

rafter t. sass
The Liberation Ecology Project
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