[permaculture] Joe Polaischer

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Wed Feb 13 18:02:14 EST 2008

I've just received the sad news that Joe Polaischer passed away at 3.30 this

Joe's had a brain tumour removed late last year, which grew back at a rapid
rate over the past 2 months and has claimed his life.

Joe's passing will be deeply felt by permaculture friends and colleagues
around the world, and especially in the German-speaking countries of Europe
and by the New Zealand pc community.

Words fail me to adequately express my feelings at this time, and to honour
the incredibly legacy he leaves behind, so please forgive the brevity of
this announcement - it is not intended as an obituary.

Joe and Trish had a PDC organised to commence Friday 22nd Feb. One of his
dying wishes was this course proceed, that permaculture work continue beyond
and without him. The permaculture teachers in NZ felt to overwrought with
grief to be able to teach at this time so Geoff Lawton and myself will be
teaching this course to honour Joe and to support Trish and the pc community

My thoughts are with Trish - please take some time over the coming days to
send love and light to strengthen and support her through her grief, and to
remember Joe and celebrate the incredible work he has done for the earth,
for permaculture and the legacy he has gifted for the future.

Thank you Joe for your inspiration and dedication - sleep well in the arms
of mother earth...

 Robyn Francis

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