[permaculture] Plastic v. Stainless Steel

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Mon Feb 11 02:14:31 EST 2008

My stainless steel water bottle has been in use for only 7 years now and not
a single  dent - it should last long enough for my kids and grandchildren to
inherit if I don't lose it first....
My stainless steel thermos flask I bought in India in 1987 and still as good
as new despite heaps of use and lots of travel.
We need to think more in terms of generations of use for all our stuff -
changing the consume/discard mentality fostered in recent decades is one of
the biggest challenges we face.


On 11/2/08 5:03 PM, "yarrow at sfo.com" <yarrow at sfo.com> wrote:

>  What has more embedded energy: a stainless steel water bottle that
> can be used for years (say, 2 years before it gets too dented or gets
> lost), or one (or more) plastic bottles a day (750-1000 over a couple
> years)?

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