[permaculture] prevailing winds

Rich Blaha rich at mossbackfarm.com
Wed Feb 6 12:43:07 EST 2008

Hi Tom

If you're asking what I'm thinking you're asking, a map may not help too much, since there's a lot of seasonal, site, and type-of-wind variation.  I've done some work on NY weather, though, and this http://nysc.eas.cornell.edu/climate_of_ny.html is as good a summary as any.  



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>  OK, this may seem dumb, and maybe I'm just not entering the right  
>  search terms.... can anyone point me to a source for a map of  
>  prevailing wind patterns (particularly upstate NY)?  Seems they've  
>  got to be out there on the internet somewhere, but darned if I can  
>  find one (that works or shows anything, that is....)
>  Thanks

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