[permaculture] List of Permaculture Convergences in the US. Anyone missing?

Michael Pilarski friendsofthetrees at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 1 01:21:02 EST 2008

Permaculture Convergences in the US 

North American Permaculture Convergence 
Keith Johnson of the Permaculture Activist posted a short proposal for a North American Permaculture Convergence on the permaculture at lists.ibiblio.org PC listserve (on January 21, 2008).

Northeast Permaculture Gathering
4th Annual NEPC Summer Gathering,
 2008 tentative Dates July 11-13. 
Hosted by the Western Mass Permaculture Guild. 

Southeast Permaculture Convergence
15th annual. Tentative date, August 2-4,  2008
Celo, North Carolina.

Southwest Drylands Permaculture Gathering 
Near Santa Barbara. Labor Day weekend  2008. Combined with the first Southern California Convergence. www.sbpermaculture.org/ May not be posted yet.

Bay Area Regional Permaculture Convergence
California. Their 4th annual was held July 7-8, 2007. 

Upper Midwest Collaborative 
February, 2008. Minneapolis. This is an annual gathering. They also held a Twin Cities PC Convergence in 2006. www.permaculturecollaborative.us 

Cascadia Ecofair
Oregon's 10th annual permaculture convergence. For many years it was titled as a Northwest PC event. Mostly Oregonians, particularly the Willamette valley.  Held August 23-26 in 2007. www.eugenepermacultureguild.org

Evergreen State Permaculture Convergence
First annual in 2008. Probably summer. 
Puget Sound region, Washington State. 
michael at friendsofthetrees.net

Please let me know of any I have missed. 

Michael Pilarski  michael at friendsofthetrees.net
International Convergence
The 8th International Permaculture Conference and Convergence and associated events took place in Brazil between May 16th and June 8, 2007. The conference was held in downtown Sao Paulo, South America's largest city. Some 570 participants were involved from forty-two countries. Reading about IPC 8 really gives you an idea of how permaculture as an international movement is maturing. The IPCs offer the best way to meet permaculturists from around the world at one time. IPC9 will be held in southern Africa in 2009. 

You can read an excellent "Official IPC8 Report"
prepared by: Permacultura America Latina (PAL) at:

You can also visit the official website:
There will be a DVD of the Conference with subtitles available. There are also links to PC groups worldwide. 

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