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Santa Barbara Permaculture Network

Humanity's Ancient Relationship
with Edible Seed Crops
  with Lorenz Schaller of the Kusa Seed Society

Music by Russ Baggerly ("Chato") flamenco guitarist

Friday, January 30, 2009, 7 pm, Donation $5
Santa Barbara Central Library, Faulkner Gallery

	I n honor of International Seed Swap Day, Santa Barbara 
Permaculture Network presents Lorenz Schaller of the Kusa Seed 
Society, speaking about Humanity's Ancient Relationship with Edible 
Seed Crops, on Friday, January 30, at the Santa Barbara Public 
Library, Faulkner Gallery.    

The precious edible seeds of the earth - the cereal grains, 
grain-legumes, oilseeds and other precious edible seeds - have a 
history of small-scale cultivation and utilization which dates back 
more than 10,000 years.  Lorenz Schaller's work and the mission of 
the Kusa Seed Society is to increase humanity's knowledge and 
understanding of this very ancient relationship.

Experience a colorful slide show of humanity's relationship with 
sacred cereal grasses such as barley, amaranth, kamut, spelt, millet, 
oats, quinoa, and other edible seed crops from around the world. 
Twenty years in the making the presentation is a pictorial tapestry 
woven from the threads of more than 400 international photo-images of 
spectacular beauty taken from remote agricultural villages and fields 
in places like the Himalayan mountains; rugged Ladakh; the Kingdom of 
Bhutan; the Tibetan plateau; rural Korea, Turkey, India, and many 
other lands.

A longtime Ojai resident, Lorenz Schaller is a remarkable steward of 
his environment. Having worked as a gardener and landscapist for many 
years, he developed a keen interest in the ancient tradition of seed 
saving.  Formerly a staff member at the California Institute of 
Technology (Cal-Tech), Schaller studied and has taught the 
nutritional, culinary, and ecological significance of biodiverse seed 
crops for decades.  Over time, his scientific knowledge merged with a 
deeper spiritual connection to the life cycles of the planet. He 
could see the bigger picture of how se ed crops supplied most of the 
world with important, densely nutritious foods. These miraculous 
plants feed more humans and wildlife than any other food source.  
Lorenz founded Kusa Seed Society (  www.ancientcerealgrains.org) in 
1980. Kusa is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred grass.

The event takes place at the Santa Barbara Public Library, Faulkner 
Gallery, 40 East Anapamu St, in downtown Santa Barbara, on Friday, 
January 30, 7-9pm, 2009.  No reservations are required, donation $5. 
For more information please call (805) 962-2571, or email 
<mailto:margie at sbpermaculture.org>margie at sbpermaculture.org; 

Presented by the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network. Co-Sponsors: 
Food Not Lawns/SB Chpt; Fairview Gardens; SBCC Center for 
Sustainability, Healing Grounds Nursery, The Green Academy, Island 
Seed & Feed, the Santa Barbara Organics Club, Gary Atkins Sound 
Systems, and Sustainable World Radio

SEED SWAP EVENT NEXT DAY: January 31, 2009, International Seed Swap Day

**Community Seed Swap on Saturday January 31, 2009, International Seed Swap Day
  10-3pm, Alameda Park, downtown Santa Barbara (between Garden and 
Santa Barbara Street)
  A Celebration to bring seeds & people together. A fun day to share & 
exchange seeds, plants, & cuttings.  Seed saving demonstrations, kids 
crafts, seed ball making, music & more. 

This local community Seed Swap event is inspired by Heather Flores 
and the Food Not Lawns movement (  www.foodnotlawns.net), which is 
encouraging seed swap events across the nation on this day.  Local 
organizations participating for the event are the Santa Barbara 
Chapter of Food Not Lawns, Santa Barbara Seed Exchange, Santa Barbara 
Permaculture Network, Fairview Gardens,
   SB Info Shop, the Green Academy, Santa Barbara City College Center 
for Sustainability, Healing Grounds Nursery, Island Seed & Feed 
Nursery, Santa Barbara Organics Club, Sustainable World Radio and 
other sponsors.

To Learn More about our Sponsors:
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