[permaculture] re. the permaculture farm project in SW WI

SArjuna at aol.com SArjuna at aol.com
Tue Dec 30 18:58:37 EST 2008

> Back on December 1 when I posted about the permaculture farm community 
> we're trying to get off the ground in SW WI   (Into the ground!), Lawrence asked 
> the following questions, which I just saw today.   Sorry. 
> "Is this a good locale for growing fruit trees?" 
>    Yes, it is.   Apple trees have been doing great there with no care at all.

> "What is the growing season, climatic zone?"
>  The UDSA has the area as 4b, meaning it gets down to -25.   It seems to be 
> more like 4a, which means -20.   However, that happens only occasionally.   
> And there are many microclimates on the property, depending whether you are up 
> on a hill or down in the bottomland, and if you are on a slope which way 
> it's facing....     One very hot summer evening there we were really sweating, 
> up on a slope, and when we walked down it was amazing how much cooler the air 
> was that we walked into.
>     The   land includes dense woods, meadows, and wetland.   There are 3 
springs and a trout stream.

> "I hope you find people to carry the baton and you'll be able to keep the 
> community property."
>    We hope so, too!   If we don't find partners by March, though, we'll have 
to put the property on the market and hope for a buyer so we can afford to 
start back at square one, but just looking for land for ourselves this time.

    We have an ad coming out in Mother Earth News in January, and another in 
a magazine local to where the land is.    If anyone has other suggestions 
about connecting with prospective partners, please let me know.

   Shivani in WI


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