[permaculture] Permaculture Credit Union... info asap?

L. Santoyo santoyo at earthflow.com
Fri Dec 26 13:59:33 EST 2008

Hey FF, -check out their website for faqs  -pcuonline.org

-they do give loans -call em and see if they'll give one to you (you may
have to demonstrate that you can do some due diligence on your own though)

-also consider tax reducing -donations!!!

-of course they are in insured! (or they couldn't be a credit union).

-Not a member?!? become one! -and get their newsletter...

In the last newsletter they featured a nice eco-freindly house being built
with the help of the cu. They also address the state of their capital
reserves (up) but some income decline -due to mortgage lending ties to prime
rate -(good for you as a borrower -not as good for the cu as an

*Permaculture Credit Union*

P.O. Box 29300,
Santa Fe, NM 87592-9300,

Toll Free: (866) 954-3479
Phone: (505) 954-3479
Fax: (505) 424-1624

Email: pcustaff at pcuonline.org

On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 10:16 AM, Food Forests <foodforests at mac.com> wrote:

> so far no responses to the query below, is that a bad sign?
> i'm looking for tax-reducing investments for the Man's 2008 Income Tax
> year, so can i start a "traditional IRA" with the PCCU?
> is it FDIC insured and allows me a tax-free distribution for a down payment
> on a first home, possibly one made of mud, straw, manure, and sand, right?
> r-i-i-i-g-h-h-h-t-t-t? si se puede, be-yatches!
> in general, how has the credit union performed during the various finance
> dramas, possibly relative to other institutions? if possible, how can the
> safety and sustainability of placing federal US dollars with PCCU be
> explored?
> i'm herey and this query will not be ignored! (chanting continues)
> thanks-
> forests

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