[permaculture] Standard Polycultures

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Tue Dec 23 14:52:28 EST 2008

=[permaculture] Standard Polycultures
=Sean Maley semaley at yahoo.com
=Tue Dec 23 14:27:03 EST 2008

=I happen to know Dave is interested in a web tool existing like this.

Who is Dave?

=As much as I've wanted to be a part of developing a web tool for this kind of purpose, something like this can get 
=quite sophisticated.  With the right team of developers, more realistic funding than previously attempted, and enough 
=time, this could exist and offer valuable insight on what your neighbors have developed in terms of guilds.

Well stated. I hope we can get something like this going and take it somewhere. Depending on what software is used
will determine whether any funding is needed. The PI site and mine are alread there and functional; just need to be 
used. Mine will have a group of editors/administrators who can make the wiki take shape. The other one relies on one
person to review material submitted and append it to the existing wiki structure. I prefer having as many as a donen 
people working on such a project, each with a level of access to the wiki to be able to make substantial changes
when that is needed.

=I've thought of translating some of his species tables into a web tool, but how would anyone use that information? 
=Imagine you are using a tool like this.  Describe your experience and maybe I could get started on it.  If not me, then 
=somebody else can grab the ball.  I have a web host to get started, if anyone wants to work on this (you need to know 
=your Linux tools and be able to use ssh to connect).

=Remember that Dave needs your help to train the next generation of Permaculture teachers (in February).  Either contact 
=him directly or Green Phoenix Permaculture (www.green-phoenix.org) to help out.

The Permaculture Institute and many other permaculture teachers in this list are also doing an excellent job with this.
The GPP website is interesting.

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