[permaculture] Standard Polycultures

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Tue Dec 23 14:38:55 EST 2008

=[permaculture] Standard Polycultures
=sean forde sforde at gmail.com
=Tue Dec 23 14:06:44 EST 2008

=In his wonderful book "Edible Forest Gardens", Dave Jacke describes
=one of the processes for designing effective polycultures as
="guild-build." It is a pretty intensive process that requires desired
=species niche analysis and other techniques that eventually will
=produce a list of plants that will provide functions for you the
=gardener, and will support each other. I am sure that most of the
=folks on this list are familiar with it.

=Jacke hints that over time, the guild-build process should yield
=certain "standard" polycultures appropriate for various regions. One
=could then take one of these "off the shelf" and implement the guild
=on his site.

=A couple of questions:
=* Are Jacke's predictions yet true? Are standard regional polycultures
=emerging and being documented, shared, and implemented "off the shelf"?

Where would one find out one way or the other. Forums like this one are
places commonly used to share and develop such information but not used enough.
Maybe you could build an in-list project to work on this. Or start a new list.
If the latter I will get a new one going on ibiblio for this purpose, our current host.

A combined wiki/blog/webforums/RSS/etc. coupled to this or a new list would provide all the necessary resources for 
implementation of a long term project with results put out on the web for review and use.

I have started exactly the above on ibiblio, just need to finish the installation of Mediawiki, Wordpress
blog an Wordpress forums, all linked together. http://ibiblio.org/permaculture. I will need to involve
other administrators or editors or whatever Mediawiki calls that level of access to wiki configuration.
It would not take much to finish this installation.

I have a six acre homestead where I do 5 acres of market farming. At this point in time I am ready to
develop permaculture systems and integrated plantings between all 19 separate gardens and around 3 catchment ponds
that collect runoff from the 5 acres. Developing arrays of polyculture systems would be the ideal thing for me to do
at this time.

=* Do folks agree that this is a desirable thing?


=* What tools would facilitate the development of standard
=region-appropriate polycultures?

See above suggestion for Web resources to facilitate this development.

=* Are there any websites out that allow collaboration in the
=development of polycultures?

Several have been started:

Mine:  http://ibiblio.org/permaculture/

The Permaculture Institute:  http://permaculture.info

=If not, do folks think that such tools
=would be a good thing? Would you use them?

Yes and yes. This is a good plan.


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