[permaculture] Central Texas Backyard Food Production Workshop

Marjory forestgarden at gvtc.com
Tue Dec 23 14:34:56 EST 2008

for those of you in Central Texas:

Backyard Food Production Workshop

This one-day workshop is for those seeking to grow more of their own 
food. It is appropriate for those with either a large suburban backyard, 
to rural homesteads with acres of land. The course is held on a family 
farm where we depend on these sytems to grow a significant part of our 
diet. We have implemented and experimented with a variety of food 
production techniques drawn from organic farming, permaculture, 
agroforestry, indigenous teachings, historical anecdotes, and missionary 
work in third world countries. The climate and soils of Central Texas 
provide many challenges; this workshop will give you several years jump 
on getting production going.

A list of topics covered are:

Water: rainwater catchment, ponds, wells, grey water systems, earthworks
Gardens: how big?, location, composting, building soil, mulching, living 
shade cloth
Greenhouses & hoop houses: why we use them and when.
Home butchering: (please do not attend if you cannot handle the killing 
and processing of a small animal)
Animal husbandry: breeds, health, reproduction, housing, feeding, 
watering, processing, predators, and rotation.
Small animals: free range, netting, pens, coops, and tractors. Pros & 
cons of chickens, turkeys, geese, rabbits, and guienas
Orchards and agro-forestry: Growing a food forest and managing orchards.
Calorie crops: how much area?, sweet potatoes, sunflowers, peanuts, grains
Other possibilities: edible landscaping, wild-crafting, and eating insects
Community: sharing, learning, and trading with those around you

Sunday January 11, 2009 from 8:00am – 5:00pm.
The workshop is held at a rural farm within an hour drive SE of Austin, 
TX. The workshop fee is only $100 per person and includes the workshop, 
notes, and workbooks. Bring your own lunch. This is an outdoors 
experience so dress appropriately. Class size is limited. Contact 
cindy at gvtc.com for further information and to register.

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