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Job Opening at The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association for Executive Director

About the BDFGA:
The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association is a non-profit organization working to nurture the Biodynamic movement 
in North America through education, research, and development".

The BDFGA is an equal opportunity provider.

Founded in 1938, BDFGA has published books and other publications on biodynamic agriculture and organizes workshops and 
conferences. BDFGA is a membership organization and publishes a quarterly journal.  BDFGA programs are currently focused 
on expanding the public's knowledge of biodynamic agriculture, educating current and future 
practitioners/students/apprentices to build more biodynamic agriculture practices in North America, promoting the use of 
biodynamic preparations and seeds, and promoting the concept of a whole farm approach.  Recognizing the limitations as a 
national organization our goal is to not only facilitate better collaboration between the BDFGA and the existing 
regional groups in North America but to assist in their growth.


The Executive Director of BDFGA is a full time, professional staff person whose primary responsibility is to provide 
leadership, and to manage the operation and growth of the Association.   We believe it is "our responsibility is to be a 
unifying voice for the biodynamic movement", and the ED is the "face" of the organization.

The Executive Director is accountable to the Board of Directors and is responsible for carrying out board-approved goals 
and objectives; facilitating the work of staff and contractors; and operating the organization within the board-approved 
budget.  The Executive Director has primary responsibility for program development, fundraising, communications, and 
financial management.


1. Program Development:

   a.. Work with board and staff to develop, implement, and evaluate innovative programs and activities that fulfill the 
organizational mission and strategic plan. This will include but is not limited to:
ü       Education and training; ED will act as the central coordinator for Farmer Training in North America.

ü       Regional Groups; ED will foster good connections with regional and individual efforts.

ü       International character of Biodynamics ; ED will maintain connections with other national BDA organizations.

ü       ED will maintain and foster connection with likeminded organizations.

   a.. Build a strong and effective staff team that will integrate programs and projects and develop new initiatives as 
directed in the strategic plan.
   b.. Oversee the publications department and ensure profitability.
   c.. Be creative - identify and take advantage of programmatic opportunities as they present themselves.
  2.   Fundraising:

   a.. In conjunction with the board, develop and meet annual fundraising goals to ensure the health and growth of the 
   b.. Oversee the fundraising plan, and aid in the research, tracking, and writing of funding proposals to foundations, 
corporations, and government agencies.  Establish and maintain relationships with funders.
   c.. Approach, cultivate and solicit major donors.
   d.. Help to develop and broaden sources of funding for general operations.
3.   Communications and Outreach:

   a.. In conjunction with the Communications Director, oversee public relations, including media contacts and 
communication with members and the public.
   b.. Oversee the production of the journal, printed materials, website, events, and the annual meeting.
   c.. Serve as liaison with the Demeter Association, Demeter Biodynamic Trade Association, Josephine Porter Institute, 
Agriculture Section and the Anthroposophical Society.
   d.. Work with the regional groups to organize speakers, workshops and conferences.
4.   Administration and Financial Management:

   a.. Oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization.
   b.. In conjunction with the Financial Manager, develop and implement a board-approved, balanced annual budget.
   c.. Oversee financial management of the organization.
   d.. Plan and support staff professional development and team-building activities.
   e.. Manage the organization to attract and retain strong staff in key disciplines by acting as a leader, member, and 
partner of a team of professionals.
   f.. Supervise all staff and manage all contractors and consultants. Conduct regular and systematic work reviews with 
5.   Board of Directors:

   a.. Work with the board to plan and organize all board meetings and conference calls.
   b.. Assist the board in the development and implementation of a strategic plan.
   c.. Work with the board, and board committees, to develop needed work plans, policies and procedures.
   d.. Serve as the board liaison to the staff.
   e.. Support and facilitate board leadership and development.
   f.. Regularly provide the board with detailed and accurate organizational and financial information.

   a.. Demonstrated commitment to biodynamic agriculture.
   b.. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
   c.. Proven fundraising and grant-writing success.
   d.. Knowledge of, and experience in, building a major donor program and cultivating major donors.
   e.. Strong organizational and program development experience and staff team-building skills.
   f.. Strong administrative skills.
   g.. Demonstrated ability to understand and manage finances
   h.. Experience and ability to work cooperatively with a governing Board of Directors.
   i.. Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with a broad range of people.
   j.. Willingness and ability to travel.
   k.. Ten years of relevant work experience, including five years experience with non-profit organizations and three to 
five years at a management level.
Desired (a plus but not must):

   a.. Experience in mediation/conflict resolution.
   b.. Business experience in publishing
   c.. Experience in pursuing legislative strategies to achieve public policy and environmental change.
   d.. Ability to research complex issues and information.
   e.. Experience in communicating to and working with the media.
LOCATION: Junction City, Oregon

COMPENSATION: Starting salary range $45,000-$55,000, depending on experience.

Our Timetable:

   a.. Application Deadline: February 13, 2009
   b.. Phone Interviews:  February 16th  through the 27th,
   c.. On-site interviews: March 28, 2009
   d.. New Director Start Date: May 1,  2009
Email the following materials by February 1 to Chris Velez

Email address: [log in to unmask]

   a.. Cover letter.
   b.. Your complete résumé.
   c.. Two to three professional references (please include the name, address, phone number and email for each reference).
   d.. No more than a 3-page (total for all questions) response to the following:
ü        What attracts you to the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association?

ü        How do you think the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association can be more effective in communicating its 
message to its audience?

ü        How would you mobilize scarce human and financial resources to achieve an ambitious organizational goal?

You will receive an email notice that we have received your application.  Only complete applications will be reviewed 
and processed. Final applicants will receive additional information prior to interviews.  If you have any questions 
regarding this position, please contact Chris Velez at (559) 593-0710 or [log in to unmask]

If you would like to learn more about BDFGA, please visit our website at:


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