[permaculture] Standard Polycultures

sean forde sforde at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 14:06:44 EST 2008

In his wonderful book "Edible Forest Gardens", Dave Jacke describes
one of the processes for designing effective polycultures as
"guild-build." It is a pretty intensive process that requires desired
species niche analysis and other techniques that eventually will
produce a list of plants that will provide functions for you the
gardener, and will support each other. I am sure that most of the
folks on this list are familiar with it.

Jacke hints that over time, the guild-build process should yield
certain "standard" polycultures appropriate for various regions. One
could then take one of these "off the shelf" and implement the guild
on his site.

A couple of questions:
* Are Jacke's predictions yet true? Are standard regional polycultures
emerging and being documented, shared, and implemented "off the shelf"
* Do folks agree that this is a desirable thing?
* What tools would facilitate the development of standard
region-appropriate polycultures?
* Are there any websites out that allow collaboration in the
development of polycultures? If not, do folks think that such tools
would be a good thing? Would you use them?



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