[permaculture] Fwd: Petition for a resilient agricultural future

oliver smith callis oliversmithcallis at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 14:13:34 EST 2008


With the anticipated announcement of Obama's secretary of agriculture
looming today, it is critical that we sound our voices against the business
as usual behemoth that threatens to retain its shortsighted and often toxic
hold on our food supply, our economy, and our social health and vitality.

With the rising economic uncertainty, massive chronic illness, debilitating
health care and food costs amidst us, WE NEED to advocate for our government
to stop drowning and *support* the increasingly local, increasingly
ecologically balanced, increasingly resilient, and most importantly,
increasingly enchanting food systems that *will* SUPPORT us in the face of
existing and potential upheaval in our communities.

Please read this
consider signing it with me.

Please consider signing this

Please consider forwarding this email to your friends.

All my best,
Oliver Smith Callis
"The great shock of twentieth century science has been that systems cannot
be understood by analysis. The properties of the parts are not intrinsic
properties but can be understood only within the larger context of the
Fritjof Capra,  Web of Life


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