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Wed Dec 17 06:17:55 EST 2008

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
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> Why we must go metric - cold turkey - now.
> I found this in another forum and found it very interesting since it deals with everyday life, not just the technical world.
> I sure hope the new administration has the will and backbone to make the change to metric a number one priority.
> Starting with the new school year in 2009 we need a 100% change to metric to make sure we will not end up with another 
> generation of our children unable to think in metric and having to resort to a life of converting from the imperial (US) 
> system.
> No 5 or 10 or 15 year plan giving every goofball and inchworm lover a chance to nickel and dime this plan to death. We 
> already had since the 70's.
> The children will not have a problem at all. The only problem lies with the parents, teachers and most of all the 
> politicians.
> This is the very first step the Obama administration must take before it can start even contemplating a rescue plan for 
> our industry.
> Just like we now have to force the US Auto industry to make changes in a very short time period, we will have to be very 
> firm on our change to metric.
It's exposure. I still sometimes get imprinted yardsticks as promotions.
I can usually find a bank or hardware store with some to donate for
kids. I have been known to face backorders ordering metersticks for kids
for a school project and can't keep them in the classroom because other
teachers raid. Tape measurers with both rules are totally rare even in
teachers catalogs.
Find someone to distribute a folding meterstick (with english on other
side, of course) that teachers can put on their back-to-school lists
called a "ruler with metric markings", companies (permaculture ones
promoting thoughtful layouts of course) can distribute with imprints
like the fabric companies did in the 30s.
Get a hardware chain to put a barrel by the cash register.
Or get any company from overseas to order some from an American company
(not promoting them, it's just they have an "extra large," and a four
foot, so I know it wouldn't be a machine change. In fact, their walking
stick w both rules and someone's logo would be a great gate sale at a
It would put it into their product line. Once the die is set and they
join the planet, others will follow in a way no mandate can meet.


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