[permaculture] a schedule of permaculture.tv

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Sun Dec 7 15:23:08 EST 2008

Nicholas Roberts nicholas at themediasociety.org
Sun Dec 7 06:41:36 EST 2008

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for those that like to keep their permaculture pure and simple, their inbox
quiet, i am sending a schedule of permaculture.tv

Who asked you to shut down Permaculture.TV and why?

I hope you will ignore "them" and keep on with it.
I noticed your comments in the blog there a few minutes ago.

You should move forward with this, to make a portal or hub for permaculture
aand permaculture-related videos. You should make a section for photo and audio galleries too.
Iplan to create videos and photo collections and would like them lin ked to at pc.tv.

This is too useful a project to shut down.

I remember now, it was about permissions, etc. Let those keep their damn stuff and move on with those of use who want to 
create PC media and share it. What you're doing makes it a lot easier for those to get their word out.

I knew you's agree... :-)


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