[permaculture] Rico Zook Work

christopher nesbitt christopher.nesbitt at mmrfbz.org
Fri Dec 5 21:03:51 EST 2008

Hi Bruce,

I am very interested in seeung the DVD on Rico work in India. I manage  
a very small NGO that does permaculture training locally, with a mix  
of international and local students. Evening sessions frequently have  
movies. I think I have shown Joel Malcoms "Backyard Aquaponics" close  
to 100 times

I would love to receive a copy.

My address is below.

Thank you!

On Dec 5, 2008, at 4:29 PM, Bruce Weaver wrote:

> ecohood at gmail.com

Christopher Nesbitt

Maya Mountain Research Farm
San Pedro Columbia, Toledo
PO 153 Punta Gorda Town, Toledo
Central America


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