[permaculture] Old news about Tibet & the Dalai Lama to put present day events into perspective.

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Old news about Tibet & the Dalai Lama to put present day events into perspective.
The Dalai Lama flees Tibet
Leading article: Chinese troops cross the frontier into Tibet
High in the Himalayas, the Dalai Lama rests with warriors who protected him on his flight from the Chinese (AP)

Peking has decided to use whatever force is needed to subdue a peaceable land whose leaders have avoided any shadow of 
provocation and who desire only to manage their own affairs

     * Picture gallery: Dalai Lama flees Tibet

Leading article: Tibet and China

Since the time of Kang Hsi, every Chinese schoolboy has been taught to look on Tibet as a province of China
Letter to the Editor: Tibetan Rising

Mr Nehru is reported as saying that no one questioned the legality of the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950
Averaging 12 miles a day through the Himalyas, the Dalai Lama is shown journeying through the Karpo Pass.
Dalai Lama 'threatened'

'The rebels say it is for my safety, but in fact they are endangering me'
Tibetan Revolt
Young Dalai Lama (or Tenzin Gyatso, born in 1935).
Tibetan fears for Dalai Lama

The Chinese are already, with the coming of spring, pouring in fresh troops from east and north and restricting 
movements in areas under their control
Fighting in Lhasa

The Widespread demonstrations against Chinese rule began peacefully, but evidently are not so now
Indian concern for Dalai Lama's fate

'Unhappiness in In India and other surrounding countrues over the Tibetan developments is magnified by a sense of 
Tibet declares itself independent

Tibet is to-day - by formal declaration - an independent country struggling to deliver itself from foreign occupation
In this picture taken 11 April 1959, A Chinese military officer (C) addresses in Tibetans, in front of the Potala Palace 
(former home of the Dalai Lama) in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet after an unsuccessful armed uprising against Chinese rule.
Chinese crush revolt

According to some estimates, more than 2,000 Tibetans were killed
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Indian Premier greets the Dalai Lama of Tibet in New Delhi, to discuss the problem of 
Tibetan refugees 22.05.1964.
Dalai Lama reported safe in India

The official Chinese news agency said he entered India two days ago, and that the Indian authorities at Towang had gone 
to meet him
Long road and rail journey for Dalai Lama

He will cross the border from the frontier area in to Assam on Saturday morning and drive straight to Tezpur, where a 
special train awaits him
India gives dalai Lama asylum

When Mr Nehru told Parliament this morning that the Dalai Lama had reached India, he was loudly cheered by all sections 
of the House
Dalai Lama safe at monastery

He is guarded by Assamese riflemen and surrounded by 600 shaven-headed Buddhist monks of the Yellow Hat Sect

Dalai Lama flees Tibet
A painting by Kanwal Krishna showing a young Dalai Lama

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Topic: The Rape of Nanking
Japanese soldiers bayonet to death Chinese civilians in Nanjing after the capture of the then Chinese capital.
The Japanese terror in China

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