[permaculture] Independent Freeholds

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Tue Dec 2 19:35:17 EST 2008

On 3/12/08 10:29 AM, "Brent McMillan" <brent at gp.org> wrote:

> the seventh, and final chapter, 'Living in the Long Emergency' he
> states, "If the process of reorganizing agriculture in America were to
> work favorably--especially in the form of independent freeholds--it
> could have many benefits."

Independent freehold farms simply means the farm is owned by the farmer,
like the traditional "family farm" as opposed to farms owned by agribiz
corporations or where some other party owns the land and leases the farm to
a farmer.

The reference in the text might be arising from the fact that small
independent freehold farms are far more productive per unit area and more
efficient (input vs yield) than large corporate farms and leaseholdings.
This is a global phenomena, not only in the US.

Corporate commodity agribiz (its an insult to real farmers to call these
abominations "farms") is the most inefficient of all production systems,
receives most of the farm subsidies and contributes much more to GHG
emissions than small farm operations.


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