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Trudie et al.,
I can take some pictures and do a sectional drawing of the water hole to show its design.  Can somebody explain how and whereto I can upload pictures so that other can view them?  I will need to go to town to send them because I live in very remote part of the country with very slow internet access.

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Pictures, anybody?
I have a small pond, the previous owner used some grey clay they found and
lined the 5 ft deep pond, the water is clear and blue!, of course in order to
hold water year round it would have to be a lot deeper, but this small hole was
dug by hand and lined with clay by hand so in principle it works. The grey clay
seems be near some of the creeks around Texas hill country, I'm gonna look
up argile and find out more, meanwhile would you two consider pictures or a link
to drawings of what you did, I have lots and lots of rocks to work with.


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I’m not sure I understand your concept.  If the area behind the dam is
filled with soil that’s washed down during storms, how then can you use water
from behind the dam for irrigation?

I use stones and fallen over tree trunks to build numerous little dams across
waterlines so as to trap water and soil that’s washed down during heavy
rains.  This prevents soil from being washed down into the river and breaks the
water flow, thus allowing more rain water to enter the soil; however, I can’t
use it for irrigation.
To trap water for irrigation and the household, I excavated a 
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