[permaculture] what makes black locust last so long?

Jay Woods woodsjay at cox.net
Tue Aug 26 05:16:40 EDT 2008

Are you gardening under the trees and cultivating. That will trigger suckering 
from root clipping.

On Monday 25 August 2008 10:12:46 pm Jim Powell (Madison Environmental Justice 
Organization) wrote:
> This is great! Thanks.
> I have a cord of black locust, and love the way it burns. It's from the
> previous owner of my land who hated black locust because she thought of
> it an an invasive. I also have a great black locust fence, that I sure
> hope last 100 years, as you  write. We border some park land, and that's
> how they treat it too--an invasive to be rid of. It does grow like
> crazy, but then the pioneers here in south central Wisconsin planted in
> on purpose.
> Echoing a previous question: any idea why it grows like crazy, at least
> on occasion? Apparently it didn't grow to like crazy for 150 years (when
> the pioneers planted it), but now it does (or people think it does).
> Rock River Watershed
> South Central Wisconsin

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