[permaculture] Permaculture Plant Database now online

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Sat Aug 16 01:29:29 EDT 2008

Peter Suter wrote:
> Thanks Lawrence,
> I wasn't aware of these resources.
> info ... Does this site get much community involvement...

Good question. It was going strong for a while. I'd like to see it take off. It is also hosted on ibiblio and owned by 
the Permaculture Institute.

> If there is enough
> interest I'll think some more about "wiki-ing" Plant Professor.

Consider having ibiblio host Plant Professor and installing your wiki there. Free hosting,
lots of resources and services plus staff help on some issues.
Mine is on ibiblio:
 >> I am working on my own permaculture wiki/blog/forums here:
 >> http://ibiblio.org/permaculture/
 >> This uses Wordpress blog as a gateway to Mediawiki and the Wordpress forums.

> Community portal ... Popped my cpu up to 100% and crashed my browser (IE,
> but not Firefox) - something wrong with that one.

Its MediaWiki, same as Wikipedia.
IE (infernal experience) is awful, try Firefox. I have never had any problem
loading any website with that browser.


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