[permaculture] nitrogen-fixing trees in temperate climes

Rain Tenaqiya raincascadia at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 9 22:16:31 EDT 2008

Wow, Lisa, I am so jealous of your invasive silk trees.  I have a few seedlings that have barely grown during the past three years.  In California, it seems they take a long time to get established out in the open, in poor soil and with little irrigation.  Yet, I see them growing in freeway medians, apparently without irrigation, and they grow pretty fast once they get a few feet tall.  They cast such a nice, light shade.
I would use these and black locust for cutting down the frost, rather than Autumn olive.  Isn't that invasive where you are?  Are the silk trees spreading by seed?  I wouldn't be too excited about that.
Take care,


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