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BBtv WORLD: Through the eyes of the pueblo. (Guatemala)
Posted by Xeni Jardin, July 31, 2008 11:55 PM | permalink

Watch this episode in Flash above, or download here: MP4 link.

BBtv WORLD is our recently-launched series on Boing Boing tv featuring first-person views of life around the globe. This 
third episode in our series is the last of a three-part report I filed from a K'iche Maya community in Guatemala.

Few foreigners come to this village at 10,000 feet in the highlands. Most glimpses we have of remote indigenous 
communities like this are through the lenses of outsiders -- like myself. But how better to see their story than through 
the eyes of the people themselves?

Before I left the US for this pueblo a few weeks ago, we asked two companies that produce small, inexpensive, USB 
camcorders -- Pure Digital (makers of the Flip) and RCA (makers of the Small Wonder) -- to donate a few devices. I 
brought them to the village, so that some of the adults and young people here could explore what is possible with the 
tools of video storytelling in their own hands.

Today's BBtv WORLD is the result: stories shot by the K'iche people in this village. The world they see around them, 
through their own eyes and in their own language.

Some of what the children shot really surprised me. They caught on right away, faster even than the adults, and quickly 
taught each other how to record and play back video. Some of them seemed to transform into instant YouTube stars -- new 
alter-egos showed up out of nowhere. One boy we'd come to know as quiet and well-mannered over the course of many 
previous visits here shot himself throwing gang signs against the sunlight, like shadow puppets, while he walked a path 
that leads to a Mayan altar. Another girl who was very shy with us in person recorded video of herself making outrageous 
silly faces, and speaking in a boisterous, confident voice to her new handheld lens.

When I downloaded the footage from their devices, I felt as if I were seeing this place, and these people, for the first 

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Sponsorship note: The BBtv crew wishes to thank Microsoft for underwriting this episode, and generously supporting the 
launch of the "BBtv World" series. In this ongoing video series, we will be looking at the intersection of social causes 
& technology around the world from a number of perspectives. Through their new "i’m Initiative," Microsoft shares a 
portion of the program's advertising revenue with some of the world’s most important social causes when users email or 
IM with tools such as Windows Live™ Messenger and Windows Live Hotmail®. For more information, visit imtalkathon.com or 

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