[permaculture] goat browzing..

NewNorth lynnann at newnorth.net
Fri Aug 1 14:34:53 EDT 2008

heya there, when I lived in far southern Illinois on my farmette, quite a few moons ago, I had 20 acres and 8 milk goats.  Down there in zone 6-8ish...sassafras trees grow like poplars do up here in Nord'ern Wisconsin...fast and furious!!!  Those goats mowed them down as fast as they came up which was a good thing...only trouble was...if they got down far enough to the ground level...their milk took on an anise flavor...not horrible though.

Also...if poplar trees will grow...start a stand of them and segregate it with a product that deer hunters use to enclose their "feed plots"of clover...it's made by Messina Wildlife and comprised of a thin white woven tape that is held up by fiber glass poles and then sprayed with a rosemary peppermint spray occasionally to keep the deer away (goats ARE really deer in disguise..or maybe it's the other way around).  Then when the poplars go to seed...usually the first year...let the goats at them...you should have plenty more the next season...I know we do.

I NOW use and sell a wonderful herbal spray up here as a deer deterant called I Must Garden...fabulous stuff...but the other  product I mentioned is made for keeping deer out of feed plots until hunting time and comes in a kit.  Good luck...I miss my girls terribly...now I'm too near a lake to have any...mmmm...goat cheese, yogurt and soap... three favorite by-products (but mostly I miss the love they gave)!  love and  peace to all...lynnann

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