[permaculture] The Food Crunch

Brent Neal brentn at freeshell.org
Fri Apr 25 11:02:59 EDT 2008

On 25 Apr, 2008, at 10:45, Marimike6 at cs.com wrote:
> Let's further suppose that we depart pretty largely from other  
> biofuels and
> concentrate on the most efficient one-- palm oil. I see where annual  
> production
> of palm oil fuel can be 635 gallons per acre.

FYI - algae are currently producing around 5000 gallons per acre  
equivalent in triglycerides and are estimated to double that number as  
better farming techniques (photoreactors) are designed. And they don't  
require prime farmland.  just a thought...


Brent Neal
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