[permaculture] The March of Kudzu.

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Interesting pictures.  It seems like such a waste if this can be used as 
forage or even a human food.  It looks like it would feed a lot of cows or 
sheep if it is a forage. I have never lived where this stuff grows but I 
have read a bit about it.  Why isn't it being fed to livestock or used for 
biofuel or something useful.  I have to work, really work to grow enough 
forage for my livestock.  This is too easy.

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> King Kudzu at its best:
> Kuzu Covered Houses
> Few houses are abandoned and allowed to be taken over by vegetation. 
> However, in parts of the south including the city
> of Atlanta those that are, are susceptible to being engulfed by kudzu. 
> Some make interesting natural sculptures. Here
> are 40 buildings and old houses in 52 images which are visible from 
> highways and streets in Georgia, Alabama and South
> Carolina.
> http://www.jjanthony.com/kudzu/houses.html
> Blog entry:
> Houses Covered in Kudzu
> http://www.neatorama.com/2008/04/17/houses-covered-in-kudzu/
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