[permaculture] Harvesting and using wild foods: wild lettuce, dandelion

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
Sun Apr 13 21:35:56 EDT 2008

Harvesting and using wild foods:

What t do with wild lettuce & dandelion, wild chicory (?)

Wild lettuce grows to be a large tall plant with blooms similar to dandelion
and leaves that seem to be good for salad greens when young but becvome tough and spiny as the plant
reaches full height and goes to seed

Are these leaves good to eat in a salad, cooked? are they bitter? any problems with them at all?

Same questions about dandelions. The cultivated varieties are good as raw greens.

Anything in the chicory family is supposed to be good for people with bronchial or pulmonary problems.

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