[permaculture] cardboard, gase exchange, micro organisms and roots

Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
Sun Apr 13 17:50:31 EDT 2008

All that cardboard and newspaper do is increase soil mega fauna and micro
organisms.  Worms proliferate, soil stays moist, weeds seed doesn't
germinate.  Soil gets deep and loamy.

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute
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On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 4:44 PM, Golden Love <goldenlove at cruzio.com> wrote:

> How does cardboard affect the exchange of oxygen between the soil and
> atmosphere?  A few people I talked to say that micro organisms and roots
> might be damaged.  Any thoughts?
Organic burlap!

(Sorry, I read english but i can´t write it)

SEarch *interbay mulch*

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