[permaculture] Two schools of permaculture?

Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
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This is always "How it is" Shivana in permaculture and in every other
endeavor. There are always those out there who are trying to capitalize on a
good thing, or those whose alligator mouth overwhelms their coon dog ass, if
you know what I mean.

But let me assure you there is only one school of permaculture but there is
always, of course, the wanna be school.

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute

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    I've been reading Jacke's Edible Forest Gardens.   The copying of the
Nature does things by mingling many different trees, shrubs,perennials and 
groundcovers seems a wise way to go.
    However, I see that many people who call themselves and their projects 
permaculture are still doing monoculture.   For instance, the other day I
across the URL for a what was described as a model permaculture farm and 
teaching center in Australia, to find when I looked at the arial map on
website that they have big blocks of trees in rows, each block of a
    What's up?   Are there folks who think that as long as you're not
that's permaculture, even if you have monoculture, and then others who think

that monoculture is not permaculture?
     We are creating a permaculture farm community, and want to get advice 
from a permaculture expert.   But it seems that we'll have to find out which

subschool each expert follows.   Is this how it is?
     Shivani in WI

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