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lbsaltzman at aol.com wrote:
> A little pinch of epizote which is a Mexican herb solves the gas problem.? Works great with beans and I suspect it would work well with Jerusalem Artichokes.

   Epazote is great, I love it with beans, but I use way more than a
pinch. More like a handful, put in when the beans first start cooking.
Adds a great flavor too, for other things as well. A lot of people like
it eggs.
   Unfortunately, the deer also like it, last year they came right into
my yard in the afternoon and ate all my epazote plants to the ground.

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> David Travis wrote:
>> Re: artichokes, I'm wondering whether or not they have been "overlooked" 
> because they simply don't make a very good food source.
>    Have you ever tried them? There's nothing at all wrong with them for
> food. In fact they are sold as gourmet items in some countries, and were
> a staple for Native Americans. And that's nonsense that inulin is not
> digestible, it merely requires a bit of getting used to. Lot's of foods
> are that way -- beans, for instance, or cabbage. If you eat them
> regularly, there usually isn't any real gas problem. Besides which, the
> inulin is fairly high in many other plants like onions, garlic, and
> leeks that most people eat regularly.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inulin
> http://www.hort.purdue.edu/NEWCROP/AFCM/jerusart.html
>   They are also great livestock feed and a much better feedstock for
> ethanol than corn, you can expect 550-750 gallons an acre from the tubers.

Harmon Seaver

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