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many thanks for the reference. I was aware of city farmer, but when I visited their website could not find something like you are describing
would you point that document to me please?
All the best



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Vancouver's urban agriculture dept. has a wonderful website, 
cityfarmer.org. One of the papers available on that website has 
applied the Pattern Language to community gardens.

For more on community gardens, you can join

A lot depends on how many gardeners, how big the space is, what 
climate (seasonal gardens or year-round).

At 8:00 AM -0500 11/21/07, sinergyinaction at netscape.net wrote:
>I'm looking for information on the physical site design part of the 
>design of community gardens
>Specific issues that need be taken into account from your 
>experience, other then the application of
>pc design principles of course like: aspect, climate, access etc.
>Has anyone found any patterning of the space that works best?
>It'd be great to see pictures or photos of already designed and 
>working C'ty gardens: may be googleearth pictures?
>All the best
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