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Stella stella at finca-luna.com
Wed Nov 21 02:47:28 EST 2007

I wonder if of the permies on this list who have been around for some 
time, and of the USers amongst us, someone can englighten me on 
something of our  PC history.

I´ve just come across archives of Donella (Dana) Meadows
(see below for biog.)

and I wonder just how much she's (directly or indirectly) one of the 
founding mothers of permaculture - does anyone here know of her?

I seem to remember that Mollison mentions Limits to Growth quite a bit 
as one of the reasons for PC coming about ... and Dana must have been a 
very early pioneer of system thinking.

She seems to me to be a very early pioneer in modelling &  applying 
system thinking to our society-nature interface, with action (if she 
wrote Limits to Growth in 1972, she must have been working on this 
quite some time before that)

She was founder & director of the Sustainability Institute (founded 
1996) which to date seems to do a lot of work on systems thinking.   
And she died very young, at 60*.

it would be great if someone here knew her - please let me know what 
personal connection (if any) she or the Institute has with 


- in Spain


Donella (Dana) Meadows

Systems Analyst, Journalist, Writer, Teacher, Farmer

Leading voice in the sustainability movement

Mac Arthur Fellow
Pew Scholar
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Honoree

Dr. Donella H. Meadows (Ph.D. in biophysics, Harvard University), the 
founder of the Sustainability Institute, was a professor at Dartmouth 
College, a long-time organic farmer, a journalist, and a systems 
analyst. She was honored both as a Pew Scholar in Conservation and 
Environment and as a Mac Arthur Fellow.

For 16 years Donella wrote a weekly column called "The Global Citizen," 
commenting on world events from a systems point of view. It appeared in 
more than twenty newspapers, won second place in the 1985 Champion-Tuck 
national competition for outstanding journalism in the fields of 
business and economics, received the Walter C. Paine Science Education 
Award in 1990, and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1991.

Donella was the author or co-author of nine books, including:

The Limits to Growth (1972)
The Electronic Oracle: Computer Models and Social Decisions (1983)
The Global Citizen (1991)
Beyond the Limits (1992)
The Limits to Growth - the 30 Year Update (2004)



This is a public collection of the work of Donella (Dana) Meadows. 
Through her writing and speaking, Dana helped people understand global 
systems with long delays and complex feedbacks, while also inspiring 
many to think about individual choices in daily living.

Here you will find 15 years worth of essays published as the award 
winning weekly Global Citizen column.


* (her early death I find as suprising as Emilia Hazlip dying at 65, 
given that they were both organic farmers, supposedly eating from their 
gardens, with physical, outdoor lives, etc.)

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