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Anyway to see these on the web?

On Nov 20, 2007, at 11:44 AM, Keith Johnson wrote:

> VPT’s ReGeneration Returns, Adds Two New Programs
> Amid grim environmental news, there is hope and helpful advice in
> Vermont Public Television’s four-part series "ReGeneration With Claude
> William
> Genest." Two programs that aired last spring and two new programs
> combine inspiration with practical ideas for sustainability.
> In the first two programs, which will re-air Nov. 6 and 13 at 9 pm,
> environmental activist Genest visits pioneering Vermont business
> leaders, farmers and eco-designers in the forefront of using
> environmentally friendly practices.
> The two new programs, airing November 20th and 27th at 9 pm, feature
> ways to sustain the planet that begin at home. The November 20th  
> program
> finds Genest at his old farmhouse in Isle La Motte, Vermont,  
> showing how
> he is using permaculture (permanent agriculture) to transform his land
> from lawn to a "multi-yielding food forest" with profitable food,  
> fiber,
> fuel, forage and habitat, along with beauty and fun. In one segment of
> the program, Genest visits Elmore Roots nursery in Wolcott, where  
> owner
> David Fried shows off a variety of food-bearing shrubs and trees,
> including kiwis, that homeowners can incorporate into a sustainable
> design. A privacy fence made up of various food-bearing plants is  
> one of
> his innovations.
> On November 27th, Genest assembles a team of Vermont eco-visionaries,
> landscape designers, energy experts and architects to explore
> eco-friendly ideas
> around the home. He tours several design projects around the state and
> gets a glimpse of the "green sustainable future." Bill Maclay of  
> William
> Maclay Architects & Planners in Waitsfield, Ben Graham of Natural
> Design/Build in Plainfield and Amy Seidl of LivingFuture in Huntington
> offer practical solutions on renewable energy, home design and natural
> buildings. Laurie Smith and Rita Frederick of Shelburne give Genest a
> look at their straw-bale house.
> Each program has a repeat broadcast the following Wednesday at 7:30  
> pm.
> Although he acknowledges the challenges facing people who are looking
> for ways to counter environmental problems of crisis proportion,  
> Genest
> is optimistic in celebrating the visionaries, the designers and the
> everyday people who, as he says, "are moving us from ‘something  
> must be
> done to something we can do’."
> Producers of "ReGeneration" are Claude William Genest and Vic Guadagno
> Executive producer is Enzo Di Maio. Production funding is provided by
> USDA Rural Development.

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