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I do SO HOPE that Cuba continues on the path toward the sanity of attending
to the environment! Economic development follows that, but with the emphasis
on the economic, the environment won't follow! 
Reminds me of William Jennings Bryan's Cross of Gold speech, where cities
represent the economy and farms represent the environment:
" Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up
again as if by magic. But destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the
streets of every city in the country."
I believe this to be an excellent analogy and I hope Cuba is mindful. I wish
all the nations of the earth could realize it.

             Cob is fire proof, but our society outlaws it. --Ray Cirino

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Sunday, November 11, 2007 at CHICLE, 5:00, Sunday, Talk, The Future of
Cuba's Environment, Daniel Whittle
origin.ih.constantcon/74013AA7*Dan Whittle is a lawyer with the Raleigh
office of Environmental Defense, a national conservation organization.
For the last seven years, he has partnered with Cuban government
officials, lawyers, scientists and conservation groups and others in
Cuba to develop environmental protection strategies, particularly for
sensitive coastal ecosystems. He is the author of several articles on
Cuba, including including "Protecting Cuba's Environment: Efforts to
Design and Implement Effective Environmental Laws and Policies in Cuba,"
(Cuban Studies, Fall 2006), which he co-authored with Orlando Rey
Santos, chief of environmental policy for the Cuban Ministry of Science,
Technology, and Environment.

Cuba is the ecological crown jewel of the Caribbean, with more than
3,000 miles of coastline, spectacular coral reefs, massive mangrove
wetlands, tropical forests, coastal mountains, caves, and rich
biodiversity, unmatched in the region. But despite the scenic beauty and
its relatively abundant natural resources, Cuba is suffering from more
than 200 years of environmental degradation caused by mining,
deforestation, lack of pollution abatement, intensive sugar production,
and other poor land use practices.

The future of Cuba's environment, and its prospects for developing its
economy in a manner compatible with environmental quality and natural
resources conservation, is at the center of a growing international
debate.  Will the Cuban government and its people be able to achieve
meaningful environmental protection while the country is still hurting
economically and isolated politically? The Cuban government has
developed a modern plan for environmental protection and sustainable
development and has started using it. The question now is whether
government leaders will do what it takes to put the plan on the ground.
Or, in spite of the country's new, far-reaching environmental laws, will
Cuba instead subordinate environmental protection goals to economic
development priorities like so many other developing countries have done?

Dan will share stories about what it is like working in Cuba and of his
partnership with Cuban lawyers, scientists and other conservation
professionals. He will lead a discussion on the country's progress on
achieving sustainable development and environmental protection.


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