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Wed Nov 7 06:52:41 EST 2007

you can order my booklet on indigenous microorganisms which also include 
lacto ferments. check our website www.herbanafarms.com including article on 
new farm.
gil carandang
herbana farms philippines

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>Adriana Magaña wrote:
> > Lactoferments
> > Saturday, November 3rd 3-5pm $40
> >
> > This third workshop will walk you through making a variety of
> > lactoferments including: kim chee, sauerkraut, ginger-carrots and
> > other root lactoferments.
>Would it be possible to purchase copies of these instructions and recipes
>for lactoferments? This is food I am especially interested in and would 
>like to learn to prepare.
>Lawrence F. London, Jr.
>lflj at intrex.net
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