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Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Wed Nov 7 01:51:39 EST 2007

They will hold this event
again in July 2008.
This is the best opportunity I have seen in NY for hands on
experience in natural building.


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Subject: [SustComm] East Coast Natural Building Colloquium!! June
25-July 2, 2005
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Please join us for this very special East Coast event!!

It is packed with premier leaders in Natural Building.....
Don't miss this opportunity!!

Building with Spirit
A Regional Natural Building Colloquium
June 25 - July 2, 2005
Thunder Mountain, Bath NY

Building with Spirit is a hands-on event with an emphasis on
natural building in the northeastern climate.  Join us as we gather
with the foremost builders, designers and cutting edge presenters
to explore new and traditional building systems through exciting
workshops, demonstrations and seminars.

Building with Spirit 2005 Presenters:
Deanne Bednar, Dan Chiras, Joyce Coppinger, Carole Crews, Larry
Brown, David Eisenberg, Sam Droege, Pete Fust, Sarah Highland, Sigi
Koko, Tony Novelli, Joe Jenkins, Darren Molnar-Port, Tom & Satomi
Lander, Ed Raduazo, Rob & Jaki Roy, Ben Simpson, Clark Sanders,
Laura Streumpler, Catherine Wanek & Pete Fust, David Vail

Presenters just added:
Ben Falk, Chris Fox, Mark Hoberecht, Sarah Machtey, Mark Piepkorn

Plasters and Finishing Plasters, Strawbale Construction, Earthen
Floors and Plasters, Slate Roofing, Straw Clay Infill, Log Cabin
Construction, Cordwood, Cob, Timberframing, Solar & Wind Energy,
Bamboo, Monolithic Stone Raising, International Green Building,
Thatching, Humanure, "End of Suburbia", Building Codes,
Sustainability, Permaculture and more......


    Adults $650 (18+)    $300 deposit due with application
    College Students $500    $300 deposit due with application
    Youth $275    (5-17 must be accompanied by an adult)

A couple more Work Trade opportunities are available.....BE IN
TOUCH ASAP if you are interested!!

For more info & registration form:
or link directly to the Building with Spirit page at:


Contact the PeaceWeavers at:    607-776-4060 -or- pw at peaceweavers.com

Presenters, workshops & presentations are not final and subject to
Note:  Register early, as the 2004 NBC-E was a sold out event.
Visa, MC, Discover accepted.
Balance of registration fee due by June 25.  Deposit and
Registration fees less a $100 processing fee may be refunded until
June 1, 2005.
No refunds will be given after this date.

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