[permaculture] permie opportunity in the Canaries

Stella stella at finca-luna.com
Mon Nov 5 14:14:12 EST 2007

could you please help us spread this wonderful news??

there is some urgency as it´s a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity which 
might disappear soon..
if you know of some good email groups plse also feel free to send this 


* * Permaculture Finca for sale in Canaries * *

we run a very innovative permaculture action learning programme of 5 
months every
year here in the new Finca Luna (www.finca-luna.com)

our neighbour so much likes what we are doing (she fell in love with
they guys from the last action learning group) that she asked us to be
first to have a shot at selling her finca because she would love for
her patio to be used for our permaculture classes!

It is a great honor for us that this elderly neighbour wants her
ancestral home (all her family were farmers) to go to a project that is
teaching agricultural skills to young people.
No small feat as she started off being very cross with us for not
ploughing etc., and now (only a year later) we've won her over to
permaculture methods.  Lush gardens speak wonders :)

She is very ill and needs to move nearer her children in the city, and 
needs to sell quite soon
so this might be a small window of opportunity for us.  We've first 
spread the news through spanish networks of course, but no seriously 
interested people came forth, so now we're trying abroad.

If you can help spread this news and fulfil her wishes (and ours!) we
will be very grateful.

Apart from the great permaculture work opportunities which surround it
(for self-starter-type people), this is a wonderful place in itself:

* going for 127,000 euros
* with two bedroom very comfortable home (built into the rock: means
it´s cool in summer and warm in winter)
* fully furnished if you´d like it that way
* between 2,000 and 3,000 m2 of terraces ready to plant, with water
already plumbed in
* lots of mature fruit trees (almonds, plums, nisperos, figs, cactus
fruit, avocado, lemon, nectarines)
* own spring water supply (the stuff you buy in bottles, comes down 
from the mountain)
* large water-tank
* the water-tank can easily be converted into a pool (it´s just 'not
done' here, but we're going to start the tradition ourselves soon,
with ours nearby, gently..)
* wonderful views and especially great neighbours (us :)

you can see some photos of the place here:


We will translate the page to english if someone is seriously
interested (or when we get the time)

We run a number of interesting and mostly successful permaculture
projects, all designed to move our bioregion towards sustainability,
which you can see listed on the page:

(Gaia Tasiri is the Association which manages the projects, there is a
Cooperative under way and plans for a Foundation in the future)

This is a great perma-opportunity for :

1) someone who already speaks some spanish, or wants to learn (we will
support you, it´s quite easy when you´re submerged in the language: 3
months tops and we'll get u communicating!)

2) a permaculture designer who wants to get their teeth into some very
meaty projects, with support

3) someone who is perhaps a little tired of 'pioneering in the
wildriness' and wants to further some projects already underway, with
good committed partners and excellent prospects (for moving some really
bioregional designs to completion) - & we're not the only good
partners: we have developed a growing network of organic farmers &
small artisans helping each other, there is an embrionic LETS under
way, and many radical citizen groups on the Island

4) people with a passion for growing food (here u can do it all year
round: called the land of eternal spring, and there is a good Food
Security movement under way on the Island, also

5) there are many other permaculture pluses here: the whole Island of
La Palma (VERY unlike Tenerife, it´s green for a start) is a
biosfere reserve, there are intact forests still on the mountains, it´s
the first council in Spain to move a motion in support of preparing for
peak oil, they have a committment to 100% renewables, etc.. however it
is NOT all roses: all of these things and more are under serious threat
all the time, .. and that is why we are here.

Please note this is NOT for people who mainly want to run off to some
nice weather!!
Yes it is very nice weather but we want neighbours who would see that
as insignificant in this massive list of permie gifts.
If we don´t find people of this description soon this goes to the
estate agents (the lady feels some urgency in selling because she is
ill) and there will be a 'cottage in paradise' buyer in no time.

so thanks for helping us spread this news - you could make a lot of 
permies very happy
(our neighbour, us, and whoever jumps at this opportunity)

Telf. (0034) 922 40 01 33
stella at finca-luna.com


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