[permaculture] Lactoferments

Stephen Gorby headofoak at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 22:40:17 EDT 2007

Hey Larry,
       Don't know if you've seen the book "Keeping Food Fresh"
by the gardeners and farmers of Terre Vivante , published
by Chelsea Green. It has 28 pages of recipes in the chapter on
lactoferments, and is easy to follow.
      I assume you have a copy of Bill Mollison's "Ferment & Human  
which is fascinating to read in smallish doses. If I ever decide to
poison myself I intend to use this book as a guide.

On 1-Nov-07, at 6:54 PM, Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

> Would it be possible to purchase copies of these instructions and  
> recipes
> for lactoferments? This is food I am especially interested in and  
> would like to learn to prepare.

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