[permaculture] Hardy Kiwi cultivar availability/hardiness -- anyone know this cultivar?

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Thu Mar 29 15:19:49 EDT 2007

It's a bit of a trade-off -- I've never raised anything from hybrid
seed before, simply because everyone says "don't do it". The question
that I am not clear on is, why should one not do it? Intuition and
experience both suggest that most of the offspring would not be true
to the parent, but I have always wondered, does that mean that most of
the offspring will be a regression to a less desirable mean, or that
they will mostly produce nothing at all, or that even if you got a
tasty child you wouldn't be assured of a tasty grandchild, or that it
is simply a wiser use of one's resources to try to create one's own
hybrid species from known good genetic parents?

My background knowledge of plant breeding is poor, so whether it is
chafing against ignorance or authority, I cannot say, but I've always
been interested in what, exactly, would happen if one were to take all
the seeds from a hybrid tomato and plant them and harvest the results.
Maybe some would come out striped, or they wouldn't grow at all, or
they'd taste like ear wax or silly putty (in which case I could sell
them to grocery stores).

In any case, I will just need to try more A. arguta varieties -- I've
only tasted 2 at this point, so I will keep my eye out for others and
do continued taste-testing.

Thank you all for your responses! Very helpful.


On 3/29/07, jedd <jedd at progsoc.org> wrote:
> On Thursday 29 March 2007 5:10 pm, Paul d'Aoust wrote:
> > When you say 'self-fertile', do you mean true-to-parent, or monoecious?
>  I mean that they don't need a boy and a girl plant to produce fruit.
>  But .. as you hinted at in the rest of this message, there's some
>  doubt and/or some curiosities wrt different varieties within this
>  spp - specifically (as hinted elsewhere) the Issai variety.
>  My point (hopefully not too obtuse) was that any place in NZ that
>  was growing this fruit was likely within pollination distance of some
>  boy Actinidias, probably A. deliciosa/sinensis (?), and so the fruit
>  of the K2D4 (even if it was partially self-fertile) could not, should
>  not, be assumed to be 100% true to its mum.
>  Jedd.
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