[permaculture] Hardy Kiwi cultivar availability/hardiness -- anyone know this cultivar?

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Wed Mar 28 08:08:33 EDT 2007

 I echo Doug's sentiments -- A. arguta is meant to be hardy to
 something like -30C (from memory this was the figure that
 Luis Glowinski quoted in Fruit Growing In Australia).

 I suspect the biggest problem with them would be late frosts,
 as is usual with areas prone to frosts, but confounded by early
 blossoming plants.  Not an insurmountable problem, of course.

 I've not heard of K2D4 - the site you cite hints that it may be
 covered by PVR/PBR legislation (the name certainly doesn't sound
 like a translation from mandarin of an ancient common name).

 Have you tasted many other A. argutas?  IOW, is this one particularly
 superior to the others out there?

 It's possible that K2D4 is self-fertile - you could try growing from
 the seeds in the fruit you purchased.  Though given the way that
 the NZers grow Actinidias, and the fact I've only heard of one
 self-fertile variety (Issai), *and* the fact that that one's only semi
 self-fertile anyway .. I'd not be expecting a pure strain.  However
 you may end up with an interesting hybrid.


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